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Paneer Pasanda : Indian Food & Cooking Recipes
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  Contributed By: Sadhana Padmanabhan
Expert Author

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Vegetarian cooking look and tastes a lot more delicious,as the soft color of paneer heightens the colors of the other ingredients.  Paneer not only look good, but tastesdelicious also. Paneer Pasanda is a rich paneer delicacy.  Normally Paneer sandwiches filled with mashedpaneer filling and  paneer sandwiches aredeep fried and served in rich curry. But I slightly modified the recipe like, Paneercubes are deep fried in oil and cooked in rich gravy masala. I omitted thesandwich part and made the recipe as simple.


Homemade OR Store Bought Paneer             400 gms
Green Capsicum                                          1 No
Salt                                                            To Taste
Pureed Big Tomatoes                                   2No.
Ginger Paste                                               1Tsp.
Green Chilies finely chopped                        2 no.
Ghee                                                         1 Tbsp.
Cooking Oil                                                 for Deep Frying 
Masala Powder
Red Chili Powder                                        1 Tsp.
Garam Masala Powder                                1Tsp.
Coriander powder                                       ½ Tsp.
Fresh Cream                                               2 Tbsp.
For Paste
Cashew nuts                                               2 Tbsp.
Poppy Seed (Khus Khus)                             1 Tbsp.
Green Cardamon                                        2 no.
For Seasoning:
Cinnamon Stick                                        ½ no.
Bay Leaves                                               1no.
Raisins                                                      1 Tbsp.


  • Cut the Paneer into cubes, deep fry in oil till goldenbrown and drain and put into the cold water.

  • Soak cashew nuts, poppy seeds and cardamom in half a cupof warm water for 20 minutes. When cashew nuts are soft, make a fine paste inthe blender. Keep aside.
  • Heat the ghee, add all seasonings. Now add the gingerpaste, capsicum and green chilies. Fry it for 3 minutes in medium flame.
  • Now add the paste and all masala powders and fry for a minute.
  • Now add the tomato puree and cook till the oil separatesand gravy become thick
  • Now add sugar, Fresh cream and salt and mix it well.
  • Now add 1 cup of water and salt. Boil the curry for 5minutes.
  • Now add fried paneer and cook for a couple of minutes.
  • Paneer Pasanda is ready. Garnish with chopped corianderleaves.
  • Delicious paneer Pasanda is ready to serve. Serve with Chapatti,Pulka and Nan.

  • Note
Method of preparation to make the sandwiches
  •  Keep about 50 gms paneer aside. This is for thefilling.
  •  Cut paneer into one and a half inch squares. Thepaneer pieces should not be more than a quarter inch thick.
  •  Now cut each square into two triangles 
  •  finely chop the greenchilies.
  •  Now in the mashed paneer add salt, green chilies,chopped coriander leaves, raisins, finely chopped cashew nuts, and chaat masala. Mix them well.
  • paneer squares cut into 2 triangles filling for paneerpasanda
  • Now keep about 2 tsp filling evenly on one of thepaneer triangles and cover with the other paneer triangle. Press gently . Repeat with all thepaneer pieces.
  •  Take all purpose flour, salt, and chopped corianderleaves in a bowl. Add a little water at a time to make semi liquid batter.
  •  Heat oil in a wok on medium heat; dip the paneersandwiches in the flour paste and deep fry on medium heat until paneer is reddish brown. Drain and keep into kitchen paper.
  • Now paneer sandwiches ready for Pasanda

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