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Rassgulla : Indian Food & Cooking Recipes
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  Contributed By: Priti
Expert Author

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2%reduced milk 1 gallon
sugar 2.5 bowl
leon juice 1 bowl[mix 1/4 water in it]

Cooking Instructions
take one big pan and put inside i gallon milk .
put this pan on stove with medium heat.
when its start boiling u put lemon juice inside slidely and mix it well untill milk is convert in recota chess[paneer]then u just remove only paneer with big cotten cloths.
and rinse it very well with cold water untill lemon juice smell is gone.
after smash it well and make small size ball.
take presure cooker and put inside 7.5 bowl water and 2.5 sugar when its start boiling put paneer ball inside and close its lead.
after one whisling turn off stove .
put this sweet rasgulla in freeze and serve its cold.

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