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Maikhaliya : Indian Food & Cooking Recipes
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  Contributed By: uzma azeem
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mutton cubes,, onion 1,peanuts 1tbsspoon,sesseme1tbsp,dry coconut 1 tbsp,zeera half tbspoon, dhaniya half tbspoon, greenchillies 6 small grounded,tamarin 4cloves,red chiie power,salt haldi power ,ginger garlic paste,yellow masturd half tsp,currypatta,oil,mint leaves.

Cooking Instructions
take cooker pour oil 4tbsp add muttonthen add red chillie powder haldi salt gingergarlic paste 2 tbsp add yellow mastard currypatta and 1 glass of water put on stove after the motton is cooked. roast peanuts sesseme coconut green chillies and cuted onion is to be fried in little oil and roast zeera and dhaniya seedes then ground all the ingreadent in mixie.then mix in the motton cooker add tamarin water of 1 glass of tamarin water let it cook for 20 mints. the meat masala of maikhaliya is ready this is indian hydarabadi dish.

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