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Navratan Pulao-Cooked rice and vegetables mildly flavored with spices : Indian Food & Cooking Recipes
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  Contributed By: Sadhana Padmanabhan
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Navratan Pulao

Riceplays an important role in the Indian cuisine. This  Navratan Pulao is a very popularrecipe. This recipe attempts to bring the exotic authentic Nawabi cuisine toyour table. .This Mughlai recipeis my favorite one. It is very colorful and attractive and also it tastes greatand superb.

PreparationTime                      10 Minutes
CookingTime                           20-30 Minutes
Difficulty                                  Average


Long grain White Basmati          2 cups
Butter /Ghee                           2Tbsp.
Finelychopped Paneer               2 Tbsp.
Saffron                                    2Pinches     
Salt                                         To Taste.
Gingerpaste                            1Tsp.
Water                                      2 ½cups- 3 cups


GreenPeas                               ½ cup
Peeledand diced  Carrot            ½ cup
DicedGreen Capsicum               ½ no
DicedYellow Capsicum               ½ no
DicedRed capsicum                   ½ no
Chopped  Green Beans              ¼ cup


Bayleaves                                 2 no. 
Fennelseeds  (Sombhu)             ½ Tsp,.                                                                 
Cinnamonstick                          1 no.
 Crushed Cloves                         4 no
  Crushed Green Cardamom        4 no
 Crushed Black Cardamom          1 no.
 Crushed Black Pepper               1/2 Tsp.


Cashew nuts                              1 Tbsp
Roasted&chopped almonds         1 Tbsp
Raisins                                      1 Tbsp      


Finelychopped Mint Leaves         2 Tbsp.
Finelychopped Cilantro leaves     1 Tbsp.

How tomake Navratan Pulao:

  • Wash andsoak the rice in water for 30 minutes. Drain and set aside. 
  • Meanwhilegently crush the saffron strands and soak them in a tablespoon of warm milk. 
  • Now heatthe butter / Ghee in a pan, once hot, add the Fennel seeds and once theycrackle, add all other spices.
  • Once thespices turn a light brown, add the ginger paste fry for a minute. stirring continuously. Lowerthe stove heat now.
  •  Add theprepared vegetables to the pan and cook them at high heat for 2-4 minutes tillall the water evaporate, while tossing them frequently.
  • Now addthe rice and cook while constantly tossing and stirring for about 3 minutes.All the water will have evaporated by this time and the rice and the vegetablesshould be coated with the spice mix and start looking dry.
  • Add thesalt, the saffron and 3 cups of warm water; stir everything together, and let it cook at medium tohigh heat for about 8 minutes or until all the water from the top hasevaporated.
  • Makesure your rice don’t get overcooked. When rice is cooled enough, carefullyfluff with fork or spatula to separate them.
  • Now heat1 tsp of ghee in  a pan, fry all the nutsand add to the pulao/
  • Nowdecorated with Mint and Coriander leaves.
  • Serve Hotwith  salads and Raitha.


  • Alternatively,you may do the sauteing part in a frying pan and transfer the contents to an electric rice cooker to make your Pulao.
  • Theamount of water mentioned here is for Royal  Basmathi rice. The quantity may vary dependingon the quality of the rice and the age of the rice.

Navratan Pulao


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