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Khatti dal : Indian Food & Cooking Recipes
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  Contributed By: rima arora
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Arhaar dal-1/2kg,250gms tomato puree, 100gm tamarind, refined oil to cook, zeera ,heeng, salt red chillies , garam masala.

Cooking Instructions
1. Wash dal and put 6 times water and keep it for boiling by adding salt and haldi acc to taste After 2 whistles keep it to boil without lid on a high flame & let it boil till it mashes completely.
2. Take a pan. Pour refined and roast heeng and zeera. When brownish add tomato puree and cook. Add salt ,red chillies, garam masala acc to taste and cook.When reddish add this masala to the dal and boil.
3. When masala is mixed in the dal properly, add 100 to 150 gm tamarind paste and keep to boil.
4. When the tamarind is mixed completely, the dal is ready to eat.

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