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Cheese Corn Balls : Indian Food & Cooking Recipes
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  Contributed By: sangita fathepuria
Expert Author

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For the cheese corn balls:
150g-boiled sweet corn kernels
200g-processed cheese ,grated
200g-potatoes,boiled & mashed
100g-capsicum,cut into small pieces
salt to taste.
1tsp white pepper powder
1/2tsp cornflour
1tsp refined flour(maida)
1/2 tsp oregano
oil for frying
4 tab sp. bread crumbs.
water as required.

Cooking Instructions
To prepare corn balls:
In a bowl,combine the cheese,potato and capsicum sweet corn kernels and mix well.Add salt white pepper,oregano,corn flour and refined flour mix well.Divide and shape the mixture in to tiny balls.Set aside.
FOR batter:
mix maida and corn flour with sufficient water to make a thick consistency.
Dip the balls prepared earlier in the batter and roll them into bread crumbs.Heat the oil in a deep frying pan and fry these balls.
Serve hot with chutney or sauce.

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