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Kodubale/ Ring Murukku/Chekodies : Indian Food & Cooking Recipes
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  Contributed By: Sadhana Padmanabhan
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CrispyKodubale is really a yummy snack and is very famous in South India. This snack isbeen called in different names in different parts of the places. In Tamilnadu, it’scalled as ring Murukku.
One ofmy Karnataka friend Kohila Mami gave this recipes. I made little change andmade it. It came very well. Thank you Mami for Crispy Kodubale recipe.

Kodubale dough
Riceflour                                          2 cups
RoastedMaida                                  ½ cup (skillet dry roast)
Roasted FineRava                            1/4 cup
Roasted Gramdhal (Pottukadalai)       ½ cup
Drycoconut powder                          ½ cup
Redchili powder                               1 tablespoon.
Asafetida(Hing powder)                    ¼teaspoon
Dry friedajwain                                1/2 teaspoon.
MeltedGhee                                     1 tablespoon.     
Finelychopped curry leaves               1 tablespoon
Salt                                                 To Taste
Oil                                                   For deep frying


  • Dryroast the Maida and keep aside.
  • Powderthe fried gram dal and coconut powder to very fine texture.
  • In alarge bowl, add all flours, roasted Rava, Hing, dry fried ajwain, chopped curryleaves, red chili powders and salt. Add melted ghee in it and mix well.
  • Addlittle water and kneadto a thick smooth dough.
  • Makecoils and turn them round to make small bangle shaped rings with the endspinched together to hold.

  • Heat theoil in Kadai. Oil should be very low heat.
  • Keep theprepared coils on a plate and deep fry when the oil is heated and sufficientnumber has been made to fry together.
  • Fry onmedium heat and wait till the bubbles stop after frying, indicating it is done,remove from the oil.
  • Drainoil and transfer to the paper towel.
  • Whencompletely cooled, store in air tight containers.

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