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Bitterguard Fry : Indian Food & Cooking Recipes
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  Contributed By: Trupti
Expert Author

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Bitterguard 2-3
grated coconut 1cup
Onion 1
Red chille powder
lemon juice(optional)
salt to taste

Cooking Instructions
1. Cut bitterguard into small pieces, with little of oil fry them well & keep aside
2. Make a paste(Mixer)with all below:
Fresh grated Coconut,
Mashed Jaggery(In more quantity, this is to remove the bitterness from bitterguard),
Red chille powder,
Garlic( 3big)
3.Take a pan, add oil.
Add chopped onion fry it golden brown.
Now add bitterguard & a paste.
Add salt & lemon juice
Heat in slim for 10-15mins
Bitterguard fry is ready

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