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Pav Bhaji Masala Dosa : Indian Food & Cooking Recipes
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  Contributed By: Sadhana Padmanabhan
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Food is what bindspeople and communities. Every region in India has a delicacy that is native totheir area and therefore special. However, sometimes that delicacy is adaptedby people across the country to be devoured in their local flavor by addingingredients according to their convenience, availability and preference. PavBhaji Masala Dosa is a classic example.

Pav Bhaji MasalaDosa is a famous street food of Mumbai. Pav-Bhaji Dosa of Annand Dosa in VileParle is very famous one. Their Dosa is lavishly smeared with butter .Eversince I make this regularly. I don’t have the heart to be lavish with butter…somehowthe low Cal stuff suits the health better. Basically, if you have left over Pavbhaji  and left over idli-dosa batter then you can make this dosa recipe and you willget to taste Pav bhaji as well as dosa. If you have not tasted this dosa before,please do not bother just believe me and try the recipe immediately. I am sureyou will be very happy with the unique taste of it and enjoy it like I do.


Dosa Batter                                    1 cup (See the link)
Left over Pav BhajiMixture               1 cup ( see the link)
Ghee mixed withoil                        2 Tbsp.
ChoppedCoriander                         2 Tbsp.


  • Make the tawa readyfor making dosa, keep the stove on medium flame and pour a ladle full of batterin the middle of the pan and spread in a circular motion to form a 9 "dosa. Sprinkle some oil on the sides and on the top and cover it with the lid.

  • Add the Pav Bhajiin the center of the dosa. Spread the Pav bhaji evenly on the dosa. Sprinkle a little water over the dosa so thatit does not stick to the pan. Sprinkle few coriander leaves over the dosa.

  • Now fold the dosaand serve it hot.

  • Serve the Pav bhajidosa hot or else it will become soggy if you keep it for long.

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